Saving Airlines Millions

In 2012, GA Telesis facilitated over $200 million in cost savings to customers through reduced catalog pricing, fleet management programs and first in class AOG response.

Massive Global Inventory

Airlines are not centralized to one specific region, state or airport facility and neither is our inventory. GA Telesis has sales and distribution facilities strategically positioned around the globe to provide rapid and cost optimized solutions.

Maintenance Repair Operations

GA Telesis provides a comprehensive one-stop solution for the airline industry. Our MROs are equipped with some of today's most cutting edge machinery and FAA certified engineers. Our focus is to provide substantial savings by keeping units on wing longer.

Financial Intellect

GA Telesis provides unique, asset focused financial solutions and investing opportunities to a wide range of customers ranging from the world's largest financial institutions to global airlines.

Practicing Social Responsibility

Our inventory undergoes life cycle analysis to maximize green time and our FAA approved engineering overhauls can extend the useful life of an asset. When the asset expires we reduce our carbon footprint through recycling. To date, GA Telesis has recycled 12.5 million pounds of scrapped metal.